An animated gif of the text "albums" in Comic Sans, flaming
A poorly rendered 3d image of the text "artists" in Comic Sans
Laura Les and Dylan Brady, the two members of 100 gecs. Laura is sitting atop an excavator, with a can of Monster Energy next to her. Dylan is standing on the ground next to Laura.

100 gecs

where did the other 98 go though

100 gecs are what most scientists would refer to as "musicians," producing a special type of sound called "music." the general consensus i've heard is that their music sounds bad at first but gets better the more you listen to it. this is of course because 100 gecs makes music far beyond what the human mind can comprehend, and your brain needs time to adjust

April Harper Grey a.k.a. Underscores lying down on a desk with a "free" sign attatched to it. She is covering her face with her hands.


underscores makes the most gay ass music i've ever heard (complimentary)
your soul WILL transcend your body halfway through any album made after 2020. honestly if an artist's wikipedia page doesn't mention their childhood minecraft lets play channel they aren't worth your time

Neil Cicierega a.k.a. Lemon Demon, smiling while on stage at the 2016 XOXO Festival.

Lemon Demon


btw this is what music sounds like for anyone who doesn't know